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Baker's Dozen

What I’m Aiming For: Peggy Seeger’s Favourite Music
Amah-Rose Abrams , May 19th, 2021 10:18

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Peggy Seeger guides Amah-Rose Abrams through favourite records from Paul Simon, Norah Jones, Tom Paxton.. plus! Flanders & Swann!


Don Lange – Same River Twice
Don Lange is one of my favourite songwriters and like with a lot of my favourite songwriters, you'll never hear them. There are some fabulous songs being written and you never get them on the radio. ‘Tomorrow Morning’ is a charming little song about a bunch of men who live out in the boondocks in the western United States and they tell their wives they're going to town for supplies, but they don't do that, they go to the river to play.

One of them stumbles and falls into the river and gets totally soaked so he comes home, and his wife looks at and says it must have been raining pretty hard in town. He has the ability to characterise the people in the song as it goes along and here, he characterises and tells the story of these men whose story nobody believed, especially their wives.