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Baker's Dozen

Taking Stock: Colleen's Favourite Albums
Jude Rogers , May 12th, 2021 08:58

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Colleen (aka Cécile Schott) takes Jude Rogers on a journey through her musical life, from car tapes to heartbreak, taking in Arthur Russell, Love, Low, GZA, The Green Arrows and much more along the way.


Love – Forever Changes
Yes, late 1960s again! Forever Changes to me is the quintessential perfect 60s album, with incredible songwriting and production. Interestingly, it's got a lot of acoustic instruments, which is not necessarily that common in 60s pop albums, and super-interesting production that is immaculate but also very lively. It's not polished to the point where it's too polished if you know what I mean.

Two people were really influential in my education in 60s music: one was my ex-partner, a huge 60s fan of all types, from psychedelic stuff to pop and soul. I'm also friends with John Cavanagh, a radio producer who used to work at the BBC in Scotland, who introduced me to so many types of 60s music. He introduced me to Delia Derbyshire, who is a huge influence on me too – John's one of the few people who interviewed her, and he subsequently reissued some of her music on his own tiny label.