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Baker's Dozen

Cabin Fever: Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s Favourite Music
Stephanie Phillips , May 5th, 2021 09:24

Beverly Glenn-Copeland takes Stephanie Phillips through the albums that fuelled his love for music over the years, from the soundtracks to secluded woodland trips to meetings with younger artists inspired by his work and how he found the work of Sting


Bonnie Raitt – Luck Of The Draw
I just think Bonnie Raitt is an incredible singer, and chooses really brilliant pieces to cover. She doesn't write so much. I'm sure she has written some, but she covers other artists. She's like a blues singer in a way, but she's, you know, a Caucasian blues singer. She has this ability to translate really subtle things incredibly with the way in which she hears it, the way it gets produced, and the way she sings it.

There's one piece of hers on this album let's see, what's it called? The words are ... it's about giving up, ‘I Can't Make You Love Me’. I love that piece. I gather she covered it earlier in her life and then she recovered it again in a later album. And in the later album, the maturity of her understanding of that is she's able to translate that vocal. So simple and it's so beautiful. That particular piece I can relate to that. I went through a period where I was loving somebody who was not loving me. It happens in life, and it was like one of those things where it's like, I can't make you feel something you don't.