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Cabin Fever: Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s Favourite Music
Stephanie Phillips , May 5th, 2021 09:24

Beverly Glenn-Copeland takes Stephanie Phillips through the albums that fuelled his love for music over the years, from the soundtracks to secluded woodland trips to meetings with younger artists inspired by his work and how he found the work of Sting


Sting – Mercury Falling
He's on my dance list too. Several pieces from Mercury Falling are on the dance list. First of all, he's brilliant as a musician, but specifically in Mercury Falling, he was being so open about his own life and the loss of his wife during that period, all that that was and the way in which he came to reconcile himself about it and the spiritual spaces that he moves through. At the same time, just being straight up and saying things like, ‘I have no idea what side of the bed she's gonna wake up on’. He just talks about her, he’s obvious, and without putting her down. He just lets her be who she was and talks about his struggles with some aspects of who she was and then talks about his reconciliation and desire for her to be happy with this new situation that she was in with a new person. You believe him when he's talking about it because you can hear the journey he's taken. If you haven't heard it, go up and listen to one called ‘La Belle Dame Sans Regret’. If that doesn't get you kicking nothing will. You just can't resist it. It's like a samba that’s happening.

I came upon [Mercury Falling] relatively recently. I was introduced to Sting I do believe by my wife. She had a CD in her collection and one time we were in the car she pulled it out and played it for me. I remember going, 'who is this?’ Of course, Sting had been around for forever and I just didn't know about it. That was about seven years ago, but I didn't immediately cotton to it. I thought it was an incredible album and I listen to an occasionally when I was in the car, but then years went by and I wasn't listening to it or anything. Then I came upon Sting in whatever you call it, the name of that place [Spotify]. I came upon his name, and I started checking out various things that he'd written. Then I found Mercury Falling and I just literally fell in love with it.