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Baker's Dozen

Pillars Of Childhood: Lafawndah's Favourite Music
Tara Joshi , April 29th, 2021 09:03

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Lafawndah picks the thirteen pieces of music that made her "want to say things," from Schubert to Busta Rhymes via Midori Takada and Lady Saw


Busta Rhymes - ‘Gimme Some More’

I guess it’s the manicness. I think it’s the most punk song I had ever heard in my life. Musically I had a hard time with things associated with girls and femininity, I liked stuff that sounded rough. Of course, many girls did that too, but I’m just talking about my early teenage self. I think the perspective of a person who was also not really accounting or documenting reality, and was more on the imagination, sci-fi, storytelling, that was very attractive and revolutionary for me. I didn’t grow up listening to hip hop for the most part, but I was fascinated by the metrics of his raps. Sometimes when I listen to my own music I laugh because I feel like in another life I wish I was an MC, just based on the metrics of the words, and how I like fitting in as many words as possible and playing with rhythm. I think Busta Rhymes was pop enough that it was unavoidable for me to know about him. The playfulness paired with the heavy, demented beats, and the rhythms of his voice – it was very liberating to me.