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Saint Jude
Bodies of Water Laviea Thomas , April 27th, 2021 07:54

Bodies of Water is a neat collection of tranquil house tunes in association with Slow Dance and Tmwrk Records, finds Laviea Thomas

In March, Saint Jude released the first taster of new EP, Bodies of Water with the single release, ‘Altitude,’ standing as possibly the most buoyant and addictive track on the EP. From this point onwards, Jude had our undivided attention for this release. Just two years since his debut self-titled EP, in Bodies of Water, we get to see Jude explore his notably calming and nonchalant vocal contrasted by twisted lyricism. Whilst his debut saw more ambient music, Bodies of Water sees Jude experiment with a range of themes that circle back to his own personal struggles throughout lockdown.

Introductory track, ‘Bodies of Water,’ is a nonchalant bedroom pop song, accompanied by tropical house beats. From his poetic spoken word delivery, to the nonchalant production, ‘Bodies of Water,’ exudes calming vibes, complimentary to the EP title.

Newly signing with American label Tmwrk records, alongside his partnership with Slow Dance records, Bodies of Water is a new project for the musician, a the benchmark for what to expect on his up-and-coming debut studio album. We’ve seen Jude exhibit classic techno and electronic tendencies in his previous work as Jude Woodhead, now working on his latest project as Saint Jude, we see the artist effortlessly standing his ground in avant-pop.

There’s something about this EP that encourages you to escape momentarily, as cliché as that sounds. From the EP title, through to his lyrics, to the production, Bodies of Water takes us on Jude’s journey. You feel completed attached and aware of every emotion he explores in each track. He flows, you flow – just like one swift movement.

EP standout, and single release, ‘Altitude,’ is honestly faultless. The delivery is so simple, yet completely angelic. It’s followed by ‘The Archaeologist’, a track influenced by heavy electronica, exuding feelings of deep summer nostalgia. From here onwards the musical dynamic accelerates from its original indie-pop and transitions into a slightly distorted frenzy of synth-pop.

Concluding with the unusual and slightly daunting, ‘Molina,’ Jude plays around with his lyrics as he sings, “I used to look in the woods for artefacts of the Civil War. As a child I used to look in the words to find artefacts of the Civil War.” Later followed by the repetition of, “I chained the door from the inside.” As you complete Bodies of Water, you have this sudden realisation that Jude’s aim here is to curate songs so hypnotisingly relaxing, that you only spot the darkness of the lyrics when you truly immerse yourself in the EP. A very, very good second release.