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Baker's Dozen

Speaking Rhythms: Valentina Magaletti’s Baker’s Dozen
Jennifer Lucy Allan , March 31st, 2021 09:57

Prolific drummer and collaborator Valentina Magaletti marks the release of Tomaga's finest album by telling Jennifer Lucy Allan about her favourite 13 albums, from The Cure to Miles Davis, Art Blakey, and Can to Deerhoof, This Heat and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. Photo by Adele di Nunzio


Don Cherry ‎– Organic Music Society
Don Cherry is another obsession – the whole package, with Moki Cherry’s embroidery too. A couple of years ago I opened for Neneh Cherry, their daughter, and I was just too shy to ask what it was like to have parents like that. Can you imagine?! Organic Music Society, it's like A Love Supreme, it's a spiritual healer – when I put this record on, I can’t do anything else – if I’m cooking, or doing anything else in the house, I have to stop, it's like full meditation.

I've never met anyone who has heard it and doesn't like it. 

That's a good way to put it – what is there not to like? What is there not to be inspired by? It's so beautiful on so many levels. He's not interested in being labelled, he was a free spirit.