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Baker's Dozen

Speaking Rhythms: Valentina Magaletti’s Baker’s Dozen
Jennifer Lucy Allan , March 31st, 2021 09:57

Prolific drummer and collaborator Valentina Magaletti marks the release of Tomaga's finest album by telling Jennifer Lucy Allan about her favourite 13 albums, from The Cure to Miles Davis, Art Blakey, and Can to Deerhoof, This Heat and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. Photo by Adele di Nunzio


Art Blakey ‎– Orgy In Rhythm (Volume One)
It's one of the few Blue Note records has two volumes, and I’m a sucker for the artwork, of course. I adore everything about Blue Note records and I always will, from the font to the photography – everyone looks incredible. Orgy In Rhythm has the same picture of Art Blakey on both, the writing is in blue and red, so it's already it's a collector’s paradise. The drumming is also incredible, they have percussionists, one of the best jazz drummers with this kind of African ensemble that is a combo between tribal rhythm and free jazz. 

How did listening to jazz influence your playing? 

I never actually played conventional jazz as such. I studied swing, bebop and I am a massive fan of Elvin Jones, but I'm always trying to bring an experimental sense to it. I’ve never been a jazz purist, because I’ve always been intimidated by what I’m listening to. I try to make it mine and tell my story – that's what interests me the most on the instrument, telling stories.