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Baker's Dozen

Speaking Rhythms: Valentina Magaletti’s Baker’s Dozen
Jennifer Lucy Allan , March 31st, 2021 09:57

Prolific drummer and collaborator Valentina Magaletti marks the release of Tomaga's finest album by telling Jennifer Lucy Allan about her favourite 13 albums, from The Cure to Miles Davis, Art Blakey, and Can to Deerhoof, This Heat and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. Photo by Adele di Nunzio


Broadcast – Haha Sound
The first time I saw Broadcast was one of the ATP festivals. I have a VHS somewhere, because I taped the whole show. I need to digitise it! I remember being hypnotised by Trish. They were one of those bands where I thought, where have I been all this time? Broadcast were impeccable. There are these beautiful melodies, but at the same time so avant-garde in their sound and experiments with that retro taste – you can hear the influence in my band Vanishing Twin. When people say oh, you sound like Broadcast – this is a massive compliment. We thought they were impenetrable when we were young, in terms of gear and what they were using. We’d ask, how can they sound so BBC, you know? It's crazy how it opened things up, it's beautiful when a band leads the way into more research, makes you curious.