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Baker's Dozen

Screaming The Street Down: Niven Govinden's Favourite LPs
Paul Flynn , March 24th, 2021 08:28

It's all bangers as writer Niven Govinden speaks to Paul Flynn about favourite records from Pet Shop Boys, Aretha, Solange, Madonna, Daft Punk and much more in this week's Baker's Dozen. Photo by Dan Lepard


Deee-Lite – Infinity Within
1990 was the year club culture went mainstream. Deee-Lite were the New York wing of it all. I was obsessed with Manhattan Cable and thinking about Suzanne Bartsch, Deee-Lite and the very early years of Rupaul. It reminds me of all the freedom and energy of that era. That feeling that you could do anything. Infinity Within really is a fucking masterpiece. There was a point where I’d play it every day, without fail. It’s so forward. All three of their records are genius but this is by far the most ambitious. It feels like a James Brown record, but it also feels like a Lower East Side club record. ‘Thank You Everyday’ is still one of my favourite songs ever. ‘Runaway’ should’ve been a massive hit, never was. I think people wanted that kooky 60s vibe from them and this was too clubby and stylised for everyone apart from the queens, who obviously absolutely adored it. Lady Miss Kier has been removed from that whole 90s revivalism, especially at fashion houses, which I find really interesting and want to know why. I know she DJed for a while. The only time I ever saw her play was at an Arthur Baker Return to New York night, early noughties at some hotel somewhere. I was there with Pete Burns. I think Debbie Harry was playing, too. A mad evening. I remember sitting on a sofa in the foyer with Pete being sour about everyone. It was fab.