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Alessandro Cortini To Release New Album, 'SCURO CHIARO'
Christian Eede , March 10th, 2021 18:29

The Nine Inch Nails affiliate releases his second album for Mute in June

Alessandro Cortini has a new album on the way.

SCURO CHIARO takes its title from the term for heavily contrasting light and shadow in painting and other visual arts. Cortini says "it shows that no matter how you order things there's always going to be two elements that tend to be the opposite of each other that make up the truth — or make up everything."

Cortini has shared lead track 'CHIAROSCURO' alongside the album's announcement, and you can listen to it above. Speaking about the track, the producer says: "It represents the record, where I was and where I am emotionally. It's to do with the conscious decision about trying to be positive, of striving for happiness while accepting the fact that happiness is not all positive."

Mute will release SCURO CHIARO on June 11, 2021.