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Baker's Dozen

Friends Of Mine: Rachel Aggs' Favourite Music
Stephanie Phillips , February 24th, 2021 10:14

Rachel Aggs takes Stephanie Phillips through the albums that made her the musician she is today, from Smokey Robinson to Robyn, Mahotella Queens to Sleater-Kinney. Portrait photo by Stephanie Gibson


Wet Dog – Enterprise Reversal
I remember I used to read Plan B magazines religiously when I was a teenager and Everett True wrote this hilarious piece about their album or a song possibly and I was like, 'who are these people he's talking about, they sound really funny'. I went onto their MySpace and they had a song called 'Cow Hide' and I remember having that on my MySpace page for the entirety of its existence. I was really proud of having this cool song on my page that no one else had.

I got Enterprise Reversal and listened to it religiously. It's got like a thousand songs on it. They're all really short. They're just all genius. I think Rivka [Gillerion] the guitarist and singer is such a good songwriter. She writes these really weird songs, almost like they've got a kind of nursery rhyme quality to them. She sings about such sort of normal things that I remember thinking, 'oh you can sing a song about that'. I just love it. It's so creative and fresh sounding for me.