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The Fall Gig Recording From 1981 To Be Released On Vinyl
Christian Eede , February 17th, 2021 01:37

'Live At St. Helens Technical College '81' is described by then The Fall member as "one of the better sound-board recordings I'd ever heard"

A recording of a show played by The Fall in 1981 is to be released on vinyl by John Dwyer's Castle Face Records.

Speaking about Live At St. Helens Technical College '81, Marc Riley, who was part of The Fall from 1978 until 1983, says: "I stumbled upon the link to the recording of the St. Helens Technical College gig on Twitter. I started to listen and recognised it as one of the better sound-board recordings I'd ever heard."

Riley subsequently passed the recording on to Thee Oh Sees' John Dwyer, knowing that he is a fan of The Fall. Dwyer "got back and said it was one of the best live Fall sets he'd ever heard, and asked if we were cool with him releasing it." With the approval of the surviving band members heard on the recording, it is now being released. You can listen to the live version of 'Rowche Rumble' from the release above.

"I believe the gig was poorly attended," Riley says, adding "that the promoter attempted to pull our fee, which resulted in him being pushed to the floor by our manager, Kay Carrol."

50% of the proceeds from the release will go to charity Centrepoint, which works to fight youth homelessness in The Fall's Manchester base, as well as others areas.

Castle Face will release Live At St. Helens Technical College' 81 on February 19, 2021.