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NTIA Warns 81% Of UK Clubs Won't Survive Past February
Christian Eede , February 4th, 2021 15:22

The pressure group says urgent action is needed by the Government to save venues across the UK

NTIA chief executive Michael Kill has warned that 81% of the UK's nightclubs will not survive past February.

Alongside a statement by Kill urging the government to act in order to save venues, the NTIA has shared an online survey, targeted at different people within the night-time sector. It's hoped that the survey will help the NTIA in gathering evidence to present to Parliament in support of the night-time economy. March will mark a year since UK nightclubs were forced to close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many having been unable to reopen in any capacity since.

"The failure so far of the UK Government to recognise the devastating impact of their actions on this sector is a tragedy for UK culture," Kill said. "Nightclubs and late night venues have been closed since March, with many suggesting they will not survive past the end of February.

"The facts stand that nightclubs/late night venues have been given limited and, in many cases, hugely disproportionate support outside of furlough for the year they have been closed and suffered extreme financial hardship for over 11 months, with many seeing the end of February as the last stand for their future.

"We are on the cusp of losing a cultural institution, the Government has ignored the sector and failed to recognise its economic and cultural value. Throughout this pandemic and the restrictive measures levied against the sector, it is clear that these businesses are being systematically eradicated from society."

NTIA research has found that 88% of surveyed UK nightclubs are in over two months of debt to landlords, while 86% have been forced to make redundancies and 43% have not received any financial support from the Government.