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Baker's Dozen

Time Portals: Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Favourite Albums
Fergal Kinney , January 27th, 2021 10:25

After cheering up the nation with her lockdown kitchen discos, Sophie Ellis-Bextor takes Fergal Kinney through her 13 favourite albums, from Blur to Madonna, Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac and musicals


Belinda Carlisle – Runaway Horses
This was my first experience of pop as something I'd found, rather than being passed down to me. I always really liked Belinda Carlisle. I put it on for the first time in ages the other day and was really singing along – I think she's really cool and has a lot of interesting stories from a life lived well. This wasn't what I was thinking when I put it on the list, but she'd often tweet me about the kitchen discos, which meant so much to me! Maybe this whole time I've been trying to find a way to connect with Belinda Carlisle.