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Baker's Dozen

Foundations Of Rock: Buzzcock Steve Diggle's Baker's Dozen
Stephanie Phillips , January 20th, 2021 10:40

Steve Diggle guides Stephanie Phillips through the records that shaped him, from the girl across the road who introduced him to The Beatles and Bob Dylan to the sensual allure of late era Supremes


Rolling Stones - 'Fingerprint File'
Not many people have heard this song. It's from the album It's Only Rock & Roll. When you get to the end of that album there's this funky groovy track. I chose it on a radio station once and the bloke had never heard it before. It blew his mind. When I heard it as a kid when it came out, before punk, I thought that's cool because, like I say, I grew up with the Stones so I know their records anyway.

I remember listening to the album and it's a bit punchy in parts. It's like when you buy an album thinking you've heard the single and then suddenly you get over the single after a while you start listening to the weird album tracks which somehow always seem far more interesting than the hit single. Incidentally, I remember listening to that in the punk days in 1978. I went down to the rehearsal room and I did like a funky kind of chord and then we came up with this song 'Why Can't I Touch It'. It's nothing to do with that track really, but I was listening to that track before we went into the studio and I thought you know what, we need to kind of groovy track. So that inspired 'Why Can't I Touch It'.