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Baker's Dozen

Foundations Of Rock: Buzzcock Steve Diggle's Baker's Dozen
Stephanie Phillips , January 20th, 2021 10:40

Steve Diggle guides Stephanie Phillips through the records that shaped him, from the girl across the road who introduced him to The Beatles and Bob Dylan to the sensual allure of late era Supremes


The Kinks - 'Till The End Of The Day'
I used to buy all The Kinks singles. I remember buying 'Tired Of Waiting' and 'You Really Got Me'. When I heard 'Till The End Of The Day' that very 60s, very Kinks, [sings] 'I feel good, from the moment I rise', that's one of them that comes in like a breath of fresh air. I just love The Kinks, as well the writing and the social observations. It's like this is the British way of life. [Ray Davies] said they got banned from America so he started writing about Britain because he couldn't go anywhere.

Amazingly enough, I live in Highgate and when I moved down there 30 years ago, I was walking down the street and thought, 'I'm sure that's Ray Davies' and it was. I've had many drinks with him in the pub, which is amazing for me, remembering buying his records as a kid. To hang out with Dave and Ray Davies, having a drink has been a great honour for me. They loved The Buzzcocks as well so we had a mutual exchange. Liam Gallagher lives here as well, so one day in the pub it's me, Liam Gallagher, Ray Davies and a couple of the Monty Pythons. That was a good rocking night.