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Baker's Dozen

Foundations Of Rock: Buzzcock Steve Diggle's Baker's Dozen
Stephanie Phillips , January 20th, 2021 10:40

Steve Diggle guides Stephanie Phillips through the records that shaped him, from the girl across the road who introduced him to The Beatles and Bob Dylan to the sensual allure of late era Supremes


The Supremes - 'Stoned Love'
I loved Diana Ross in The Supremes. When the opening chords start, it's so sensual. It's like an orgasm. You can feel the waves of emotion coming out of the song. It's like you're stood there and the sea is coming over you, you're getting embraced by an electronic sea of vibes.

I used to buy the Motown compilations so I might have heard it on one of those. You'd be laid in bed with the headphones on in the dark thinking this is just amazing. It was just an amazing soulful experience. When I do record songs, particularly my solo stuff, not the Buzzcocks, I like that they have a lot of emotion, those records. Overall emotion, rather than just the playing or the content, they have this kind of overall feeling and emotion about them, and if you can get that on a song that does a lot.

When I'm playing the guitar, I play it emotionally. Or I'm writing a song in that way. It sets a tone for the record. Things can be out of time on the record and all the rest of it, you don't even have to know what people are saying, but what you get from it is a pure emotional record. ['Stoned Love'] is like being seduced. You put that on you can imagine somebody kissing you behind the ear.