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Arca Releases 100 Versions Of Track 'Riquiquí'
Christian Eede , December 16th, 2020 14:41

'Riquiquí;Bronze-Instances(1-100)' sees the artist run the recent album track through a music AI tool called Bronze

Arca has shared a new release, Riquiquí;Bronze-Instances(1-100).

The 100-track offering is comprised of different versions of her track 'Riquiquí', which appeared on 2020 album KiCK i. Spanning more than six hours, the Venezuelan artist has run the original track through a music AI tool called Bronze in order to produce each version. Arca says it's the first time that her music has been officially remixed.

"I've worked with Bronze once before," Arca says. "In 2019, I gave musical language to Echo, a musical being birthed into the Museum Of Modern Art's lobby, and then Echo began to speak of its own volition. There you will never hear the same thing twice — for two years it is an ever-morphing stream thanks to Bronze's trained yet unpredictable musical AI. I recognised the textures and melodies, but never the song — for a composer such as myself it remains something truly new which I had never experienced before, a moment of unforgettable experience in virtue of the mystery and wonder Bronze makes possible."

Bronze, according to its website, "allows music creators to utilise AI and machine learning as creative tools for composition and arrangement." You can preview Riquiquí;Bronze-Instances(1-100)'s 100 tracks via Bleep.

Riquiquí;Bronze-Instances(1-100) is out now on XL.