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CURRENTMOODGIRL Releases New Track, 'Love Like Lasers'
Luke Turner , November 26th, 2020 11:27

A video for the Manchester artist's second track can be watched below

Manchester-based CURRENTMOODGIRL has shared a brand new track and accompanying video, titled 'Love Like Lasers'.

Her second release, the new song follows on from 'The Letter L', which was a rattling, messed up and creepy lullaby. Its successor is a total banger – think Gazelle Twin at her most dance floor friendly and you'll be halfway there. You can watch the video above, find it on Bandcamp here, and read more from CURRENTMOODGIRL, AKA Greta Edith, about the track below.

What have you been missing most about clubs this year?

CURRENTMOODGIRL: I miss dancing under neon lights and the freedom to be wild, but what I miss the most is performing my music live. Filming the video was as close as I could get to that passion I have.

The song is inspired by Manchester's GASH rave scene, so can you tell us about that?

C: I attended the GASH raves like a Christian goes to church, but insted we were heading to a war bunker or a quarry. They were inspiring and the most exiting events I've ever been to. I've never seen any raves like them since.

What does working solo give you that other projects you're involved in – Pearl City and Bernard and Edith – don't? And 'Love Like Lasers' absolutely bangs, what are some of your sonic inspirations?

C: CURRENTMOODGIRL began as a question to myself: 'Why should my music follow a restrictive formula?' I didn't want to put myself in a genre chicken pen. I want to create experimental music that studies the emotion of life's mercurial swings. Being solo has forced me to trust my ideas as a female musician – I now focus on being truthful to who I actually am.

I made 'Love Like Lasers' after a big night out when I couldn't sleep – every time I closed my eyes I saw flashing strobes burnt in my inner eyelids. I was picking out the fragments of the beats and bass from my broken eardrums left over from the night before. I felt I had no choice but to try make sense of this moment in a track, so that this echo of myself could be unchained, and I could sleep.