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Molchat Doma
Monument Laviea Thomas , November 18th, 2020 09:13

Belarusian trio Molchat Doma exude Kraftwerk and The Cure influences in third studio album Monument, finds Laviea Thomas

Consisting of frontman Egor Shkutko, multi-instrumentalist Roman Komogortsev rotating on guitar, synths and drums and lastly Pavel Kozlov on bass and synths, Molchat Doma are a certified new wave group from Minsk. Their sound is completed with fluid vocal delivery from Shuktko and idiosyncratic synth work shaped by Komogortsev and Kozlov.

On Friday 13th the group released their third studio album Monument by their recently assigned label Sacred Bones Records. In Monument we see Molchat Doma at their strongest, maximising on their cryptic post-punk tendencies in tracks, ‘Обречен / Obrechen,’ ‘Ответа Нет / Otveta Net,’ and concluding piece, ‘Любить и Выполнять / Lubit' I Vypolnyat'.’

Over the past few months Molchat Doma have reached critical acclaim with, ‘Судно (Борис Рыжий,’ the seventh track on their second studio album Etazhi. With millions of streams, and thousands of reshares on Tiktok and Instagram’s most recent feature; reels, Molchat Doma have really taken the internet by storm despite the rupture of COVID-19.

Industrial opener, ‘Утонуть / Utonut' ,’ is a glimpse into to the mystery that follows throughout the rest of the album. The post-punk tendencies mixed with minimal electronica whirl amongst frontman and vocalist Shkutko’s gentle delivery.

Throughout their career Molchat Doma have successfully pulled through time and time again with their song-writing. They’ve stapled their sound of alternative synth-pop at the root of their music and whilst each album introduces a new direction for them, they are never far away from their original sound.

Written and produced entirely through lockdown 1.0, Monument pieces as an impressive project pushing through one the most turbulent times of the last two decades. And is another album of many to be released this year as a sequel of months spent away from live performances.

Album standout, ‘Дискотека / Discoteque,’ is filled with spunk, it’s energetic, beaming with chaotic synths and a hook binding chorus. Whilst most tracks on the album flicker electronic tendencies, this track is pretty buoyant from the get-go, and is easily one of my favourites on the album.

Seventh track, ‘Удалил Твой Номер / Udalil Tvoy Nomer,’ sounds like the perfect roundoff to an 80s prom night. It’s with the prominent bass wobbles and piercing key work can you picture the glistening disco balls, hands gripping onto red coloured punch and shaggy mullets. If there’s one thing that Molchat Doma can do, it’s create a vibrant picture with their sound, one track in and suddenly your mind is taken elsewhere.

In so many ways, Monument encapsulates everything Molchat Doma has to offer. Having recently signed to Sacred Bones Records in January and a successful few months of nonstop streams, 2020 has really been a strong year for the group.