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Richard Skelton Releases New Film And Book
Luke Turner , November 2nd, 2020 12:52

It's the latest outing in a prolific run from the artist

It always feels slightly pointless now to write that Richard Skelton is in a phase of prolific output, for when is he not?

This year has had as a highlight the new album These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound (our review here), and that's now followed with the paperback of his new novella, And Then Gone. Set in a landscape of empty houses following some unspecified calamity, the novella plays with form just as it plays with your suggestible imagination. The story, of a woman walking through this bleak landscape, is so unnerving that there's no way of stopping the read as the narrative revolves around something ancient, intangible, occult.

You can watch a film Skelton has made to accompany the book above, and purchase the paperback from his website here.

And Then Gone is out now via Corbel Stone Press.