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Sleaford Mods Announce New Album, 'Spare Ribs'
Christian Eede , October 30th, 2020 10:58

Lead single 'Mork N Mindy' features Billy Nomates

Sleaford Mods are releasing a new album in the new year.

Titled Spare Ribs, the album was recorded as the UK emerged from its nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, during a intensive three-week run of studio sessions. It includes guest appearances from Amy Taylor of Melbourne punks Amyl and the Sniffers and British artist Billy Nomates, who appears on lead track 'Mork N Mindy'. You can watch a video for that song, directed by Ben Wheatley, above. It was filmed on location in Nottingham and in a replica of the house that Jason Williamson grew up in.

"'Mork N Mindy' is the sound of the central heating and the dying smells of Sunday dinner in a house on an estate in 1982," Williamson says of the track. "Concrete, dinted garages, nicotine. Where beauty mainly exists in small cracks on the shell of your imagination. Captured perfectly in Ben Wheatley's video for the song."

Speaking more broadly about the album, Williamson says the title comes from "the idea of the amount of people that died from the first wave of coronavirus," adding that "human lives are always expendable to the elites. We're in a constant state of being spare ribs."

He continues: "Our lives are expendable under most governments, secondary under a system of monetary rule. We are stock if you like, parts on a shelf for the purposes of profit, discarded at any moment if fabricated or non-fabricated crisis threatens productivity. This is constant, obviously and notably in the current pandemic."

Rough Trade will release Spare Ribs on January 15, 2021.