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tQ's Exclusive Monthly Round-Up Playlist: September 2020
Patrick Clarke , October 1st, 2020 08:04

Here's the first in our new monthly series of playlists, compiling absolutely everything new we've covered over the last four and a half weeks!

Photo: Maria Jefferis

If you become a Quietus subscriber, among the many, many perks that we'll send your way is a monthly playlist, compiling everything ace we've heard at tQ over the preceding weeks.

Our first playlist is out now, and takes in everything from hypnotic lo-fi to earth-shaking noise monoliths, pop bangers and boundary-pushing electronica to psychedelic cumbia. In order to listen to the playlists, you'll need the link - you can become a Quietus Low Culture or Sound & Vision tier subscriber here. And FYI - our Low Culture podcast with Shirley Collins discussing the Coen Brothers film O Brother Where Art Thou? will be live in the coming days, as will the very first exclusive release for our Sound & Vision tier members. More on that soon, suffice to say it's notts to be sniffed at! Access your playlists below the Steady paywall here:

You can access the playlist on Spotify here.

You can access the playlist on Apple Music here.

You can access the playlist on TIDAL here.