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Baker's Dozen

E3 Worldwide: Dizzee Rascal's Favourite Albums
Aaron Bishop , October 28th, 2020 11:08

As Dizzee Rascal releases his first album since 2017, he guides Aaron Bishop through the songs that shaped him and how the artists behind them resonated with him from being the only black kid playing Nirvana on the estate to smoking with Snoop Dogg.


Ludacris - Back For The First Time
He doesn’t get the ratings these days but he definitely was a major influence on me. He was another character. He would spit very clear, very good, was quite a technical rapper when he wanted to be. And he had the beats. He had Timbaland beats and he had Neptunes beats. He was really good on Neptunes beats, and he had a really diverse sound as well. And his videos came from the same playbook as Missy Elliott and that. He had crazy videos. Like I said, I based ‘I Luv U’ off of ‘Is That Yo Bitch?’ and ‘What’s Your Fantasy’. People forget how much they love Ludacris. I did like the Word of Mouf album as well, that was a big album.