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Baker's Dozen

Future Islands Discs: Samuel T. Herring's Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , October 14th, 2020 08:40

From teenage years spent amassing an arsenal of underground hip hop CDs to his first forays into jazz, post-rock and indie, Future Islands' Samuel T. Herring picks thirteen records that soundtracked his coming of age


Anti-Pop Consortium - Tragic Epilogue

Like Freestyle Fellowship this record spoke to me really deeply as a writer, and showed me how words can be much more important than anything else. As a young writer, whether you’re trying to be a poet or write songs or write rap, the big question is ‘Am I supposed to rhyme all the time?’ Anti-Pop took it to this whole other level of cadence being more important, just laying off whole paragraphs in cadence over rhyme. The MCs are so vastly different that you’re constantly fighting with yourself about who’s the best, but they’re all working together. Beans was this agitated, bouncing marble against the walls of a tin can, these crazy staccato rhythms, fighting the urge to rhyme. M Sayyid was the slippery best MC that was never in Wu Tang Clan, blowing my mind with these insane quintuple, sextuple rhyming lines that are growing feet and moving on their own, then there’s High Priest who’s just like the god voice, this giant mouth in the clouds speaking over everything.