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Baker's Dozen

Future Islands Discs: Samuel T. Herring's Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , October 14th, 2020 08:40

From teenage years spent amassing an arsenal of underground hip hop CDs to his first forays into jazz, post-rock and indie, Future Islands' Samuel T. Herring picks thirteen records that soundtracked his coming of age


Rachel’s - Music For Egon Schiele

Before Future Islands, me Wayne and Garrett had a band called Art Lord & The Self-Portraits. We had two other members, one of them was the artist Kymia Nawabi, she did the covers for three of Future Islands’ albums, and the other was our buddy Adam Beeby. He was the local record store guru, he was the record store clerk, the dude who knows everything. Every day after class we would walk downtown five or six blocks and go to the record store and flip through new and used CDs and talk to Beeby. We’re eighteen and he’s like, twenty seven. A fount of knowledge! We were like [adopts squeaky-voiced teen voice] ‘Do you wanna like, be in our band?!’ We thought, ‘Instant cred! He’ll help ups become the band’. It was Beeby who let me borrow this Rachel’s record and I immediately fell in love. It’s one of those albums that’s just perfectly beautiful to me, and it started a real love affair with that band. It’s really sad, two of the members of the Rachel’s have passed in the last ten years and the band doesn’t exist anymore. I always wanted the Rachel’s to play at my wedding. They’re the band of my heart, they’re just me.