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Baker's Dozen

Future Islands Discs: Samuel T. Herring's Favourite Albums
Patrick Clarke , October 14th, 2020 08:40

From teenage years spent amassing an arsenal of underground hip hop CDs to his first forays into jazz, post-rock and indie, Future Islands' Samuel T. Herring picks thirteen records that soundtracked his coming of age


Misfits - Collection 2

Misfits were really well-loved where I’m from, a coastal town with tons of surfers and skaters. Everyone had either a Misfits shirt or a Dead Kennedys shirt, it was part of the culture. Collection 2 was one of the first vinyl records that existed in my collection, it was something my brother left behind when he went to college and didn’t have a record player. I just absorbed it into my growing collection. I was a huge Danzig fan as a kid and my brother gave me a Danzig shirt with a huge cow skull on the front which I wore to school. He’s still a big influence on my singing to this day; Danzig plus Elton John, that’s my brand! When I got to high school, I met Gerritt. He loved the Misfits and Ozzy Osbourne, and I loved Danzig and Black Sabbath, so we traded CDs. I picked this record because it was a big link for me and Gerritt in our friendship. There’s a song called ‘Ratfink’ on this album I was listening to yesterday and I was like ‘This is one of the worst songs ever!’ Did I ever actually listen to the B-side of this record?’