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Roland Online Studio Allows You To Play A TR-808 And TB-303
Christian Eede , October 8th, 2020 16:39 is the work of Roland and Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki

Roland has teamed up with designer Yuri Suzuki to launch an online studio project that allows users to play with its TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bass synthesiser.

The allows users to record the sounds that they make with the platform so that they can share their work via social media and also as a download. It also features Roland's Step Sequencer technique, which Suzuki describes as "one of the most common ways of programming music on electronic instruments."

Describing it further, he adds: "Its simplicity and well-designed user interface make it possible for anyone to make electronic music. Rows and columns can dictate rhythmic values, note names, octaves and more. The rate which you progress through dictates the tempo and time signature."

You can check it out for yourself here and watch a tutorial video with A Guy Called Gerald above.