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Baker's Dozen

Music Is My Saviour: Melanie C's Favourite Albums
Emma Garland , September 30th, 2020 09:07

Melanie C guides Emma Garland through 13 favourite records in Bakers' Dozen stories from being blessed by Keith from the Prodigy to stage invading a Blur gig, with love for Madonna, Oasis, Fiona Apple and much more along the way


Eurythmics – Revenge
Again, I think I was introduced to Eurythmics by my mum. I was immediately drawn to Annie Lennox. I used to listen to Dusty Springfield a lot, and I saw similarities between Dusty and Annie. They call it “blue eyed soul”, don’t they, but Annie was just so interesting. She had the whole androgynous look, electronic music was becoming really interesting at that point in the 80s, and her and Dave Stewart are such a formidable song writing partnership. There’s just this magic they have together.

There were a lot of women that inspired me, and I think inspired all the Spice Girls, to feel very passionate about being powerful women, and Annie Lennox was one of them. Eurythmics’ music videos were very strong; the looks were always very strong. But the song I’ll always talk about on this particular album is ‘The Miracle Of Love’. When I think of Annie and Eurythmics I think of strength, but ‘The Miracle Of Love’ is so gentle and graceful and emotive. You really live those lyrics while you’re listening to it. There were definitely a few heartbreaks in my teenage years that were soothed by ‘The Miracle of Love’ and this album.

Would you say this is more of an album you listen to on your own? Because there are albums that are rewarding to listen to in a group, and then there are albums you only listen to in private, you know… 

Yeah! It’s funny, isn’t it, because we’ve talked about albums that take me to my childhood living room, where the stereo was, and then there are albums that take me to my teenage bedroom, where my tape to tape was – my red Toshiba tape to tape, my pride and joy. That’s where I’d play Eurythmics.