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Baker's Dozen

Don't Call It Fusion: Nitin Sawhney's Favourite Music
The Quietus , September 17th, 2020 08:17

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Nitin Sawhney talks Malvika Padin through 13 favourite records, from Kae Tempest to Miles Davis, D'Angelo to Joni Mitchell, Little Simz to Nils Frahm and more


Little Simz - Grey Area
Authenticity is such a huge part of Little Simz music and this record in particular. It sounds very individual. I love the production of this album, right from the beginning it’s so raw and had these sounds which you don’t expect thrown in throughout the record. It’s multi-layered yet manages to always feel direct and minimalistic. Each of little aspect of the record whether it’s the sounds or her voice, has its own chance to shine.