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Baker's Dozen

Don't Call It Fusion: Nitin Sawhney's Favourite Music
The Quietus , September 17th, 2020 08:17

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Nitin Sawhney talks Malvika Padin through 13 favourite records, from Kae Tempest to Miles Davis, D'Angelo to Joni Mitchell, Little Simz to Nils Frahm and more


Kae Tempest - Book of Traps & Lessons
Everything Kae has ever done has always felt honest and like it comes straight from her heart, this album is no different. Kae’s work is never didactic, it’s always questioning Kae’s perception of self, themes like ego and the elements of the outside world as well. For example the track ‘Where Are You From?’ beautifully captured the frustrations that people had at being singled out for their ethnicity.