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Baker's Dozen

Don't Call It Fusion: Nitin Sawhney's Favourite Music
The Quietus , September 17th, 2020 08:17

In this week's Baker's Dozen, Nitin Sawhney talks Malvika Padin through 13 favourite records, from Kae Tempest to Miles Davis, D'Angelo to Joni Mitchell, Little Simz to Nils Frahm and more


Nils Frahm - Empty
Nils Frahm is one of those upper echelons of composers who have redefined how we perceive classical music, while being able to move into so many genres fearlessly. Empty is the perfect example of that. I love playing this album anytime day or night. It draws you in at times but also lets you zone out. It’s an album that challenges you but also washes over you, it shows us how much emotion can be imparted with minimalist expression.