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Daniel Blumberg Launches 'On&On' Reworks Series
Christian Eede , September 11th, 2020 15:14

Claire Rousay, Exotic Sin and more have been called up to deliver their own takes on the title track from Blumberg's latest album

Daniel Blumberg has launched a new series of reworks and interpretations of the title track from his latest album, On&On, on Mute.

Each rework will be shared alongside a video, with all of them set to be rolled out over the coming weeks. Getting the project under way are Claire Rousay, Exotic Sin (Naima Karlsson and Kenichi Iwasa), and @XCRSWX (Crystabel Riley and Seymour Wright). You can find the video to accompany Rousay's remix above.

"I was immediately interested when Daniel approached me about participating in his On&On project," says Rousay. "He has this ability to seamlessly fuse improvised playing with song-form that puts him on this other plane of musicianship. He isn't one for doing the same thing over and over, even when the project is specifically designed to do so."

The visual to accompany Exotic Sin's interpretation is below. "For our version of 'On & On', we were inspired by the sounds of '80s love ballads and stripped down '90s R&B, as well as smooth or digital jazz music of that time such as Carla Bley and Prime Time," they say. "It is a duet of textures, built around the lyrics and chords of Daniel's song."

The final of the three videos premiering today, from @XCRSWX is below. "Our response to 'On&On' was on/from a balcony (with connotations Shakespearian-and/or-Genetian) three flights up, in the rain," the say. A week-day-daytime-north-facing pattern was romanced. We took this, and un-furled, folding out and out – for over 40 minutes. On reflection, compacting and deepening, we folded this up, and back, over and over, and on and on and on and on and on (symmetrical about its central pleat)."

On&On is out now on Mute.