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Previously Unheard Cardiacs Track Released
Sean Kitching , September 1st, 2020 11:06

The previously unreleased track, 'Vermin Mangle', will be available to download at midnight tonight

Cardiacs’ record label, The Alphabet Business Concern, will be offering the previously unreleased track, 'Vermin Mangle', as a free download via their Bandcamp page at midnight tonight.

The offer is intended both as a thank you to the group's fans, and as a way of marking Tim Smith's passing earlier this year, on July 21.

Only ever played live a handful of time during Smith's rare forays into solo performance in 2000 and 2006, the studio version of the track was first shared publicly during Steve Davis' Tim Smith tribute show on Phoenix FM on July 30. Appropriately elegiac in atmosphere, 'Vermin Mangle' showcases a gentler, yet equally epic side to Smith's songwriting. It will be the first release of 'new' Cardiacs material since the single, 'Ditzy Scene', in 2007.