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The Quietus Low Culture Podcast: Episode One
John Doran , September 3rd, 2020 09:22

The first of the many perks to come directly to you, dear Subscriber

By the time we went into lockdown mid-March it was already clear that the Covid 19 pandemic was going to have severe consequences for the culture of this country, this website included. It was acutely obvious that unless we took immediate action we were facing a drastic scale back in operations or outright closure.

As much as it was tempting however we didn't rush headfirst into launching a half-baked subscriber system. Instead we talked to as many of you as we could to find out what you'd actually like to see in return for a modest financial commitment. It was reassuring to find out that what most people really wanted from us was more quality features - more essays, more playlists, more exclusive music and more audio visual content.

And we were delighted to find out that many of you - the crazy fools that you are - even wanted to hear more of Luke and I conducting podcasts together.

Well, they say you should be careful what you wish for...

This is the first episode of our new Low Culture podcast, which will be available exclusively to subscribers on the first of every month. Normally Luke and I will cram ourselves and our recording gear into a battered old banger and drive around the UK looking for interesting souls to talk to about the culture that has shaped who they are. Coming very soon we have episodes featuring folk singer Shirley Collins, Tariq Goddard of Repeater Books and writer John Higgs.

But for this first episode it's just Luke and I talking about the best in new culture and the gem-like artefacts that have informed our entire adult lives - with Luke talking rhapsodically about The Prodigy's Experience and me repping hard for Hal Hartley's Trust. Oh, and the usual moaning about Britpop, Threads and bad curtains.

To listen to The Quietus' new Low Culture podcast, you'll need to become a subscriber and sign up to the Low Culture or Sound & Vision tiers. You can find out more about why we're introducing the subs and all the amazing perks you can get here and join via the checkout below.