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Baker's Dozen

The Pleasure Of Discomfort: Siavash Amini's Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , August 26th, 2020 09:07

Siavash Amini discusses his 13 favourite albums with Jennifer Lucy Allan, including the power of romanticism, weeping over the death of Leonard Cohen, and why Nils Frahm has a lot to answer for. Photo by Selma Pour-Amin


Mika Vainio – In The Land Of The Blind One-Eyed Is King

People have to pirate everything in Iran, because we can't buy anything. So, I have this hard drive organised by label, and a friend had the Touch label, I had Kranky. I didn't get it the first time I heard it. The mood was very confused. But the thing that interests me in an album is always that – what the fuck is happening here? This is one of those albums. It is mostly feedback and room tones and some snippets from radio, some analogue pulsations of synth. But the more I listened to it, it reminded me of that feeling of when you're in city where nobody speaks your language, and your phone fucks up and you don't have any maps, and you kind of get lost, and you're a bit tipsy or drunk. It's a very strange feeling, it's disorienting – you feel like your brain is dissolving. This album feels like that. It's like waking up to a situation that you're not so sure of. It sounds like a huge building that's empty, and the artwork, with all those very sad, sad, normal pictures of everyday. I feel I'm inside that – it brings up anxiety but at the same time, it brings up something that makes me want to make ambiguous sounding textures.