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Baker's Dozen

The Pleasure Of Discomfort: Siavash Amini's Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , August 26th, 2020 09:07

Siavash Amini discusses his 13 favourite albums with Jennifer Lucy Allan, including the power of romanticism, weeping over the death of Leonard Cohen, and why Nils Frahm has a lot to answer for. Photo by Selma Pour-Amin


Harold Budd – La Bella Vista

At the time I heard this I was completing my collection of prog rock. I was going through someone's collection, trading with him. He said I should listen to this. Imagine somebody in a prog phase, listening to people going crazy on their instruments, and this album comes on? It's nothing. You have to look for what's happening here.

But I started to pay attention to it more, it was playing that was about a mood. It reminded me of these light installations by artist Olafur Eliasson, in that it creates a mood that's always constant, always the same throughout all the years I've listened to it. I found myself coming back to it even though I fucking hate like music like Nils Frahm and all that piano stuff – there's nothing there, it's just sweetness. Nils Frahm is like putting Schubert in the blender and drinking all the good stuff and putting the shit that remains on a record.

I 100% agree.