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Organisers Of Illegal Raves In The UK Now Face £10,000 Fines
Christian Eede , August 14th, 2020 15:00

New measures have been introduced amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Organisers of illegal raves will face fines of up to £10,000 under new rules introduced by the UK government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fines will apply to organised events that host 30 people or more, with the announcement coming this week as part of the latest wave of coronavirus-related measures shared by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Lockdown restrictions are continuing to be eased in England with music venues set to reopen from Saturday – social distancing measures will still be required, something which numerous venue owners have pointed out is unsustainable for them to continue running.

The introduction of harsher fines for organisers of illegal raves comes in response to a wave of unlicensed, mostly outdoor parties that have been taking place around the UK in recent months as clubs and gig venues generally remain shut. The fines are said to have been introduced as a punishment only as a "last resort."

The Evening Standard quotes Home Secretary Priti Patel as saying: "These measures send a clear message – if you don't cooperate with the police and if you put our health at risk, action will follow."

The report also adds that West Midlands Police shut down 125 parties and raves, including one of up to 600 people, last weekend, while London's Metropolitan Police have said that more than 500 illegal events were organised in the city in just one month.