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Baker's Dozen

Mob Deep: Michael Imperioli's Favourite Music
Simon Price , August 5th, 2020 09:21

Actor, writer, producer and musician Michael Imperioli – best known for playing Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos – chooses his 13 favourite tracks, and discusses the use of music in the series. Simon Price listens in an unmarked van across the street.


Big Thief - 'Not'
I was going to work about a year ago in the production van. I had this really great Teamster driver who would pick me up, and we had very similar musical tastes, and there's a really good radio station in New York called WFUV which is the Fordham University radio station. I had never heard of Big Thief, but this song came on the radio. You don't have to know an artist to just know that they're great from one song. Just immediately I was like, ‘OK, this is incredible. What is this? Who are these?’ And the DJ went right into another bunch of songs after that, so I got on my phone and tried to find the playlist on their website and I couldn't. Then I called the radio station and got in touch with somebody, and they emailed me the song. Because I had one of those moments when I had to know who that was. I had to investigate further.

I haven't gotten to see them live yet. I don't know if they're originally from Brooklyn but I think they formed in Brooklyn, or at least have been playing there a lot. But just a great new band, really original, and amazing lyrics.