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Awakening Songs: Buju Banton's Favourite Music
Zakiya Mckenzie , July 29th, 2020 09:41

As Buju Banton releases his first album in a decade, he guides Zakiya Mckenzie through the songs that shaped him, from discovering dancehall on the school minibus to collaborating with Pharrell Williams


Buju Banton and Pharrell Williams – ‘Cherry Pie’
‘Cherry Pie’ is very special to me. I started writing it by myself but then my sons took it over. There’s a video online where you can see them taking over the song, writing the lyrics, really wilding out because it was their first lyrical composition with their dad’s help. And Pharrell killed it, he was in Jamaica with us for a week, just holding a meditation, vibing through the song. It’s my first work with my boys, our first work together. It’s that special. I really like ‘Cherry Pie’, it’s a beautiful vibe and my children love it too.