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Baker's Dozen

Awakening Songs: Buju Banton's Favourite Music
Zakiya Mckenzie , July 29th, 2020 09:41

As Buju Banton releases his first album in a decade, he guides Zakiya Mckenzie through the songs that shaped him, from discovering dancehall on the school minibus to collaborating with Pharrell Williams


Wayne Wonder – ‘Bounce Along’
After ‘Saddest Day’, more original songs came out from Wayne Wonder and I encouraged that because he is my friend and a really great songwriter. Me and Wayne Wonder grew up together since we were youths. His writing skills are great but people didn’t start to embrace it until later. ‘Bounce Along’ is one of those songs to me that was a bench marker. Everyone else started to see what a great writer he was. He did a lot of good things for me throughout my life; he used to come to me in the ghetto and carry me through the streets with him. I always have some Wayne Wonder songs in my playlist. ‘Bounce Along’ is a natural tune, I like it especially when driving.