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tQ Contributor Mat Colegate Launches Cult Film Podcast
Christian Eede , July 17th, 2020 12:43

'The Savage Beast' is co-hosted by Colegate and Dan White, cartoonist and host of the 'Silence!' comics podcast

tQ contributor Mat Colegate has launched a cult film podcast called The Savage Beast.

Co-hosted by Colegate and Dan White, cartoonist and host of the Silence! comics podcast, The Savage Beast aims to fill a gap in the ever expanding world of online movie opinion.

"The Savage Beast is an attempt to make the kind of show we want to listen to about the kind of films we like to watch," Colegate explains. "There's a lot of beery and opinionated movie criticism online and a lot of more restrained conversation where it sounds like the presenters are reading off a list as they go. The Savage Beast exists somewhere in between.

"We're looking to provide knowledgeable, enjoyable and discursive chat about movies and movements in cinema that don't usually get the deep dive treatment. Listeners can expect opinionated ramblings, the sound of bottles being opened and trains rumbling by (we recorded outside in accordance with social distancing rules), lots of laughing, and digressions into everything from comics to video games."

The podcast takes a themed approach, with the first episode focussing on 'The New Psychedelic Horror' and covering films that include Color Out Of Space, A Field In England, The Neon Demon, and Midsommar. Future episodes will take in subjects including Clive Barker's cinematic legacy and sword and sorcery movies.

You can listen to The Savage Beast podcast here. A Tumblr for visual accompaniment to the discussion can be found here.