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Baker's Dozen

Musical Delicacies: Sébastien Tellier’s 13 Favourite Albums
Rob Hakimian , July 15th, 2020 08:23

In this week’s Baker’s Dozen the French producer and songwriter tells Rob Hakimian about 13 albums from his youth and early adulthood that left a lasting impression on the way he makes, listens to, and visualises music.


Madonna - True Blue
I still like this one a lot because it has great composition in general, and I love the production – it’s very digital. I love that because at this time I was a teenager and Madonna’s music was always on the radio. This album is not just the music, it’s a memory of part of my life: listening to Madonna in the supermarket, listening to Madonna on holidays at the beach, and the first party – not an alcoholic party, just a teenage party – we were dancing to Madonna. It’s deeply in my head, these memories, and Madonna for me was the queen of the world at this time. She was the biggest superstar you can imagine, it was crazy, she was the most popular woman on Earth, and I was really like ‘wow, this girl!’ She didn’t have a great voice like Barbara Streisand, but she became a big star, and I thought she was super intelligent because she understood everything; the business, the composition, the dance, the shows, the promotion, the dress. She had a very special style at this time. I was really impressed, just super impressed with Madonna. I guess I was in love during True Blue, because this album is also full of emotion. This person, Madonna, plus this kind of music, plus she’s a super powerful woman, I think I was literally in love for maybe two months.