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Baker's Dozen

Musical Delicacies: Sébastien Tellier’s 13 Favourite Albums
Rob Hakimian , July 15th, 2020 08:23

In this week’s Baker’s Dozen the French producer and songwriter tells Rob Hakimian about 13 albums from his youth and early adulthood that left a lasting impression on the way he makes, listens to, and visualises music.


George Michael – Faith
This is the album I’ve listened to the most. When I listen to this album I feel at home; I feel OK. It’s really the soundtrack of my life. I think his voice is just perfect; it’s just the best performance of a singer ever – it’s crazy. I love a lot of the compositions. George Michael did a lot – composed, produced, played, sang; he did it almost alone, and you can feel it in the music. It’s really music from the heart, but in a very professional way. I really love it. I guess it’s the first CD I received as a gift. At the very beginning you don’t have dozens of CDs, you only have three or four when you’re just starting to collect, and one of the CDs I had was Faith, so for me it was really important. When I have a party at home, before people are coming, almost always I listen to Faith by George Michael.