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Baker's Dozen

Musical Delicacies: Sébastien Tellier’s 13 Favourite Albums
Rob Hakimian , July 15th, 2020 08:23

In this week’s Baker’s Dozen the French producer and songwriter tells Rob Hakimian about 13 albums from his youth and early adulthood that left a lasting impression on the way he makes, listens to, and visualises music.


King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King
This album came into my life with my first joint, so it was around maybe 15. I remember I had a good friend older than me who already had a car, a Peugeot 205. The father of this guy was the boss of IBM, he had huge album collection, and it was fantastic for us because it was like treasure. And so we choose this one just by luck you know, we listened to it and it was King Crimson, In The Court of The Crimson King. Nobody told me about this album, we just discovered it in this huge bibliotheque of records.

I remember we took the car, listening to this fantastic album from King Crimson really, really loud and smoking weed, and we parked the car close to a playground. It was at night and there was this weird ambiance –it was fantastic night. I was really in love with this record, because I didn’t understand the words, but the music had an impact on me like I was flying, it was very trippy. So this album was that part of my life; discovering what you feel when you’re stoned and listening to some music, and at the same time to be in the dark on the playground in the suburbs of Paris with that weird ambiance... it was great.