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Baker's Dozen

Musical Delicacies: Sébastien Tellier’s 13 Favourite Albums
Rob Hakimian , July 15th, 2020 08:23

In this week’s Baker’s Dozen the French producer and songwriter tells Rob Hakimian about 13 albums from his youth and early adulthood that left a lasting impression on the way he makes, listens to, and visualises music.

Since his first album at the start of the century, Sébastien Tellier’s music has always been quintessentially French while taking cues from all around the globe, creating a universally appealing sound. Using these diverse influences, he’s delved into religion, sexuality, politics – you know, the ‘important’ stuff – but always with an affability and natural charm that means it’s never anything but bright and easy listening.

This year he released Domesticated, his first album in six years, named in reference to the extended break between records, during which he got married and had two children. Unsurprisingly, this has only increased his joviality, but rather than settle down, he seems to be back with a new vigour, re-connecting with his youthfulness.

He’s come a long way from his teen days when he would switch between Run-DMC’s sportswear styling and Guns N’ Roses’ heroin chic – he’s even the face of Chanel’s new eyewear campaign. While those teenage stylistic choices might seem long in the rear-view, he still holds the music itself close to his heart. Even in his second language, Tellier speaks warmly and passionately about these albums and how they taught him how to perform, how to compose, and, perhaps most importantly, how to be cool.

Sebastien Tellier's new album Domesticated is out now. Click the image of Tellier to begin reading his selections