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Baker's Dozen

Lodestars: Shirley Collins' Favourite Albums
Jude Rogers , July 8th, 2020 08:37

The return of Shirley Collins to song has been one of the most joyous music stories in recent times. Ahead of the release of her new album, the singer sits down with Jude Rogers to discus her 13 favourite records


Kate and Anna McGarrigle – Kate and Anna McGarrigle
This album still sounds as fresh as when I first heard it. It’s also always meant a lot to me as a record made by sisters. The way Kate and Anna’s voices come together is so unique, gorgeous, and the songwriting is just unbelievable. It’s so simple and so powerful, like in the chorus of ‘Heart Like A Wheel’ [“They say love is just like a wheel/If you bend it, you can’t mend it”]. I also love ‘Talk To Me Of Mendocino’, and how they fit all those words in, so exquisitely. It makes me think of the shared fun and shared emotion of sisterhood, and how much I still miss Dolly.