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Baker's Dozen

Lodestars: Shirley Collins' Favourite Albums
Jude Rogers , July 8th, 2020 08:37

The return of Shirley Collins to song has been one of the most joyous music stories in recent times. Ahead of the release of her new album, the singer sits down with Jude Rogers to discus her 13 favourite records


The Broadside Band – 17th-Century English Dance Tunes From Playford
More sexy country dances! People scoff at country dances, don’t they? I always loved them. When it rained at school and you could choose country dancing or sports at break time, I never chose sports. In the 50s, I did long to boogie-woogie as well, though. I liked the idea of a handsome man chucking me over his shoulder. Once, I put my bobby socks on and went to a ballroom at the end of the pier in Hastings to try and do some. Sadly, I was the youngest person there. It was full of old chaps! [laughs] So I’ve never done it, which is a regret, but it might be a bit too late now. It’s boogie-woogie’s loss.