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Ennio Morricone RIP: 13 Artists And Writers On Their Favourite Morricone Compositions
Patrick Clarke , July 6th, 2020 13:51

As news breaks that the prolific and acclaimed composer Ennio Morricone has sadly died at the age of 91, we compile a Baker's Dozen of artists and writers on their favourite work by Il Maestro, from Jane Weaver and Blanck Mass to Årabrot and Rachel Zeffira


Tyondai Braxton on Once Upon A Time In The West

Like I mentioned I love the desert. I have a video somewhere of my wife and I listening to this record driving in Joshua Tree. It really does sound like how it looks. To be honest, I knew of the soundtrack long before I saw the film. And that's how it is for me with a lot of Morricone scores. I went through a deep Morricone phase in my twenties, and just any soundtrack he ever did I bought. The movie's already there – you can see it. And I bet he would agree too – a lot of his music is far more cinematic than the films he's actually scored. He has this intense visual element to his music which is always exciting to hear. So that record in particular, I remember I first heard it in my twenties and it really blew my mind. The production – the fact that it is so produced – sure it's a recording from the 60s or something. But it is a studio album. So you hear him getting really great sounding recordings in some old-school microphone (old-school now). Really getting such a rich, beautiful sound. And then you get that fuzz effect, which is just quintessential Morricone sound, probably because of this record.